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2015 Michigan 4-H Youth Dairy Days and Michigan Dairy Expo Registration Information Available

Published: 2015-05-26

Registration information for the upcoming State 4-H Youth Dairy Days events is now available.

Michigan 4-H Youth Dairy Days Booklet (pdf)

County Summary & Team Entry Forms (pdf)

Michigan Dairy Expo Booklet (pdf)

4-H Youth Dairy Days events include: Dairy Cattle Judging, Quiz Bowl, Dairy Management Contest and the Youth Show. All individual entry forms with the exception of the 4-H Youth Cattle show, are available in the Dairy Days packet. These individual entry forms as well as county summary and team sheets should be forwarded from the County office, or approved leader.

Cattle show entry information is available in the Michigan Dairy Expo Show booklet and these entries may be forwarded directly to the state office from the individuals showing cattle.

4-H Youth Dairy Days registration is due June 22. Cattle entries are due on June 22 to avoid late entry fees.

For more information or questions, please contact Melissa Elischer, 4-H Dairy Educator at or 517-432-4306 or Caral McLachlan, Animal Science Events Coordinator at or 517-432-5402.